Antoine Gyori (eng)

Putin’s Russia

On the eve of the Russian presidential election of 4th March, Antoine Gyori seeks to create a portrait of today’s Russia, a Russia of authoritative power with little respect for individual or public freedom, a Russia with a liberal economic structure that has produced a leap backwards for its population as has rarely been seen throughout history. Taking advantage of the presidential election of 4th March, he follows the “NASHI”, young militant members of the political party instituted by Valdimir Putin. The religious aspect is also addressed. Russia is seeing a revival of the orthodox religion throughout the country. More than two hundred churches are to be erected in the outlying areas of the town. The vast project is aimed at reawakening faith and simplifying access for Muscovite believers.


Antoine GyoriAntoine Gyori began his career in 1985 with a series of reports on South America which were published in several French and Brazilian magazines. He joined the daily France Soir in 1986, then worked for Le Figaro. In May 1990, he was recruited by the SYGMA agency in Paris and covered numerous international events such as the presidential elections and the rise of fundamentalism in Algeria, the Gulf War, the war in ex-Yugoslavia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the first and second wars in Chechnya and, more recently, the war in Iraq.
He has been to Afghanistan twice since the beginning of the Enduring Freedom operation. Antoine Gyori is now based in Paris and works for Corbis. His work is regularly published in Paris Match, Le Monde, The Times, Newsweek, etc. He has received several awards, such as the Clarion Award in 1997 for his work on the war in Chechnya. He was also nominated for the World Press Award in 1994 for his report on Sarajevo.