Keeping the momentum

Alexandre Solacolu, directeur du festivalIt took two editions to hone both the production system of the Endowment Fund and the Festival as an event. We consider the 2014 edition of Photoreporter as a definite step in the maturation process.

This year, we received a good number of proposals, coming from photoreporters based all around the globe, and we notice that, year after year, the level is both denser and more acute.

To quote Eric de Kermel, we now need to « keep the momentum ». We have shown that it was possible to find new funding opportunities to produce solid photoreportages, we wish now to enhance the way that these reportages are exhibited.

This is the reason why Marc Prüst has been appointed Art Director, whose task is to bring forth a rigorous perfectionism to give full justice to the works of the selected photoreporters.

In parallel, we are also smoothing the production process in order to grant both the photoreporters and the festival organization improved working conditions.

To sum up, I would say that after having made the demonstration that photojournalism had a future, at least on a financial basis, we now wish to explore what this future is made of.

Alexandre Solacolu, Director