Olivier Jobard (eng)

The fixed-term life

In this time of financial crisis and recession, with falling standards of living and lower buying power, an increasing number of workers are living in precarious conditions. Whether they are young, seniors, with or without qualifications or official status, stable employment is now only available to a small part of the French population. Few are trade union members, they are rarely defended, do not often figure in the media and are more concerned about surviving than asserting their rights. Their case is never examined and yet their lives are a reality – they are on the edge of an infernal spiral from which it is difficult to escape. Olivier Jobard offers to immerse us in the heart of this precarious France over several months.


Olivier JobardOlivier Jobard was born in 1970. In 1990 he joined the Louis Lumière school which offered him the opportunity of doing his end-of-study internship at the Sipa Press agency. In 1992 he joined Sipa’s team of photographers, which he left in 2011.

He has covered numerous conflicts across the world: Croatia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, the Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Columbia, Iraq, etc.

In 2000 he went to Sangatte. His photographic approach then changed. He concentrated mainly on a long-term study of the problems of immigration in Europe and around the world. After meeting Kingsley in Cameroon in 2004, he accompanied him all the way along his journey from Africa to France. Then, for two years, he focussed his work on the “fortress of Europe”: from the Ukraine to Poland, from Turkey to Greece, and from Syria to the island of Lampedusa, he documented the numerous illegal migratory routes that lead to the European borders.

After  testifying to experiences of immigration, he has now placed the integration of immigrants in their host country at the centre of his photographic work.

Awards and Grants

  • Visa d’or Magazine. Visa pour l’Image Festival (2011).
  • Emmy Award for documentary with Media Storm’s Kingsley Crossing (2007).
  • Calderon Grand Prix. Festival du Scoop et du Journalisme (2007).
  • World Press Photo, 1st Prize, Contemporary Issues (2005).
  • Special award from the Jury of the International Photojournalism Festival in Gijon (2005).
  • Winner of one of the 3 P Foundation prizes (2004).
  • Care International Grand Prix award for Humanitarian Reporting (2004).
  • Visa d’or News. Visa pour l’Image Festival (2004).
  • Paris-Match Grand Prix award for Photo reporting (2004).
  • Association 3P prize winner (2004).
  • POYi Award of Excellence (2000).
  • Fuji France award. News category. (1996/1998).
  • Angers Festival du Scoop award (1996/1997/2003)