Ami Vitale (eng)

Watching the second hand of a clock

Kashmir is at the heart of a geopolitical conflict that has caused the death of 80 000 people over the past twenty years. India and Pakistan are endlessly snatching the small piece of land back from one another, without seeking an end to the war.

Ami Vitale’s project is to reveal to us the breathtaking beauty of the Kashmir landscape, far from the image carried by the media, and to show, through the report, the spiritual tolerance of the territory’s inhabitants, where Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism co-exist in harmony.


Ami VitaleAmi Vitale’s journey as a reporter-photographer has led her to more than 80 countries in which she has witnessed civil disturbances and violence, but also surreal beauty and the tenacity of the human spirit. Her photos have been shown throughout the world in numerous museums and galleries and published in international magazines such as the National Geographic, Géo, Newsweek, Time, and Smithsonian.

She is recognised internationally for her work, which has received many awards: one World Press, the Photographer of the Year International award, the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award, a Lucie Award, The Daniel Pearl Award and photographer of the year (Magazine Photographer Award) from the National Press Photographers Association.
Recently she worked with Ripple Effect Images, a team of renowned scientists, authors, photographers and film makers whose aim is to illustrate through film the very specific problems encountered by women in developing countries and to create programs to help them.

Now living in Montana, Ami Vitale works on a contract basis for the National Geographic magazine and is writing a book on the stories behind the images. She frequently runs workshops in America, Europe and Asia.