Gary Knight (eng)

Immigracion Topographica

This subject transports us to southern Arizona along the Mexican border. Each day, South American immigrants try to cross the hostile desert where many meet their death. On top of difficult climatic conditions, the immigrants cannot rely on anyone: locals destroy the water supplies put in place by the NGOs and private militia are hired to kill the migrants. As well as being a passageway to North America, it is an area where all sorts of criminals are in hiding.

Gary Knight travels through the endless desert, scattered with tombs, “Rape Trees” and improvised places of pilgrimage. He shows us, using the clothes and objects abandoned by the migrants, that they sometimes end up making choices that, to us, appear irrational.


Gary KnightGary Knight (born in 1964), a founding member of the VII agency, is one of the most hardened war photographers of our era. Over the last decades his work has taken him across many areas of tension. In more recent years he has covered the occupation of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the civil war in Kashmir and the consequences of the tsunami in Asia. He has been a photographer for Newsweek on a contract basis since 1998. Gary Knight is one of the founders of the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia.