Pierre-Yves Marzin (eng)

An indigenous, heroic and incorruptible police force

In Mexico, a decaying democracy and lawless state, 95% of legal cases go unsolved – impunity rules. Yet there is one place where the opposite is true – a place that is a patchwork of indigenous communities, in the state of Guerrero, six hours’ drive south of Mexico. Here the Policia de la Montaña have managed to drive down criminality, theft, rape and kidnapping and discourage bandits and drug traffickers.

They are a parallel police force (720 police officers spread over 32 communities) that do not believe in punishment, but instead in re-education: the guilty are assigned community service. The force’s merit is all the stronger when the two overhanging threats are considered: the groups of drug traffickers interested in the territory where poppies are farmed and the Canadian mining companies that are threatening part of their environment.


Pierre-Yves MarzinOriginally from the Côtes d’Armor in Brittany, Pierre-Yves Marzin has been a freelance photographer since 1997 in Mexico, France and then Spain. A regular contributor to the newspaper Libération, he is based in Madrid. His work has been published, in particular, in Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Temps, Le Journal du Dimanche, Internazionale, Ar Men, Milenio Diario, La Jornada, Proceso Sur, Generacion, La Tempestad, Revista Mu, etc. His work focusses mainly on the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.